Russian Ballet Teachers

Giuseppina Adelaide Annunziata

Born in Sarno, began studying ballet at the age of 7 years, in his hometown, at the “Dance Studio” directed by Giuseppe and Mirella Cammarano, both teachers enabled the National Academy of Dance in Rome.

In 1998, with the intent to improve the study of classical ballet, he joined the Russian Ballet, directed by Rosanna Sicignano. Here, in the academic year 1999/2000, she was awarded a scholarship. She completes her studies until graduation, so becomes a member of the teaching staff for the beginners and intermediates courses of classical dance.

She participates in several internships classical dance with internationally renowned teachers: Gaetano Petrosino, Margarita Trajanova, Jozo Borcic, Mariella Ermini, Albachiara Lomellini Ajkun, Leonard Ajkun, Ludmila Taranda, Sergej Domrachev, Nicoletta Josifescu, Sophja Lazanova Haristova, Vincenzo Capezzuto, Hernan Piquin, Raffaele Paganini, Alfonso Paganini, Guido Pistoni, Claudia Zaccari, Marco Pierin, Giovanna Spalice, Matt Mattox, Helen Roux, Frederic Olivieri, Gilbert Mayer, Ludmilla Safranova, Carlos Palacios, Bella Rachinskaya, Tuccio Rigano, Alessandra Veronetti, Andrey Fedotov.

For contemporary dance, she studied with: Manuela Tagliavia, Mauro Bigonzetti, Antonio Bua, Roberto Sartori.

For modern dance she studied with: Fabrizio Mainini, Mauro Astolfi, Amalia Salzano (Mattox and Luigi), Vinicio Mainini (Falco), Etienne Frey (metodo BO), Matt Mattox, Luigi, André De La Roche, Marco Chiodo, Guy de Bock.

In the summer of 2002, she took part in “Performing in New York City, 2002″ with the Ajkun Ballet Theatre, participating in the ballet “Romeo and Juliet”. With the Company DANCE MACHINE, is a guest at the evening presentation of the company “Art Dance Association,” City of Benevento; Marathon Dance “Twenty years of our history” of the Italian dancers, City of Rome; to “Jazzin … The Musical Gala,” City of Salerno.

She is a member of the jury for the Festival Theatre “Parco…..Scenico”.

In 2010, she was doctor with honors in Disciplines of Visual Arts, Music and Performing Arts at the University of Salerno, with a degree thesis in Dance History entitled “Le Sacre du Printemps by Vaclav Nijinsky in Pina Bausch. Models choreographic and cultural representations of tradition and innovation. “

Many are its holdings in competitions, festivals, galas and shows:

Promises in the scene, 2013, Rome, 1st and 3rd place in the category Group Classic juniors with “Mazurka” and “Waltz”, 2nd and 3rd place in the Category Group classic baby with “Start” and “Dutch Dance”, and assignment two scholarships;

Italian Championships 2011 in Bastia Umbra, 3rd place with choreography “Pizzicato” and 5th place with choreography “Sonata in G” in the Classical Dance Under 15 category;

2010-2011 Team Cup, Italian Cup, Battipaglia, 1st place in the classical dance groups under 11;

International Competition “Danzaeuropa 2003 ‘, Mantua, 2nd place in Hope Category, with choreography “Dolls” and assignment, by the committee of the competition, a special mention “… For the appropriateness of the choreography for children of such a young age.”

Nadia D’ Urzo

Born in 1983, she began studying at the age of 12 years at the school dance “ACSD Russian Ballet ” with Sicignano Rosanna. In the academic year 1999/2000, she won a scholarship, in 2002 she earned the degree of Terpsichorean in classical dance.

She furthered his training with the study of pes de deux and classical repertoire with: Carlos Palacios, Bella Rachinskaya, Margherita Trayanova, Marco Pierin,Francesca Corazzo Giovanna Spalice, Chiara Ajkun, Leonard Ajkun, Domrachev Sergei, Hernàn Pìquìn, Jozo Borcic, Gilbert Mayer, Dominique Portier,Luc Bouy,Federic Olivieri, Helen Roux, Tuccio Rigano, Rudmilla Tarando Ludmilla Safranova, Sofia Hiristova, Agostino D’Aloja, Guido Pistoni, Claudia Zaccari, Grazia Galante, Vincenzo Capezzuto, Mariella Ermini, Raffaele Paganini, Alfonzo Paganini, C. Hunter, Guy de Boch;Antonella Moreno; contemporary dance with: Giuseppe Parente, Roberto Sartori, Vinicio Mainini, Etienne Frey, Michele Merola, Mauro Bigonzetti, Ellen Sinopoli, Wenge Huang, S. Neujinsky, Susanna Beltrami,Margherita Picardi,Lara Fraldi, Antonio Bua, Stefania Losasso; modern dance, jazz and musical with: Matt Mattox, Martine limeul, Luigi, Andrè De La Roche, Giacomo Molinari, Fabrizio Mainini, Mauro Astolfi, Marco Chiodo, Guy de Boch, Max Bartolini.

She participated in the U.S., with the Ajkun ballet theater in “PERFORMING IN NEW YORK, 2002″, “PERFORMING IN NEW YORK 2003″ and “PERFORMING IN NEW YORK 2009″, as corps de ballet in “Romeo & Juliet”, “Act III of Swan Lake” and “Cinderella.”

Since 2011, she is the first dancer of VIRORY BALLET. Choice for the award “Young Talents” in 2009, choreographies by Luciano Cannito, variation by Juliet.

Guest dancer in the show “I Dream in Flight With You …” 2010.
Guest dancer in the show “I Dream in Flight  …” 2009.
Guest dancer in the competition “Danza nel Mediterraneo 2009/2010”
Guest dancer in the show  “SCAFATI DANZA FESTIVAL 2008”
Guest dancer in “FESTA DEL SOLSTIZIO D’ESTATE 2008” dei Lions Clubs.
Dancer in the show Barberino del Mugello anniversary Outlet 2007
Member of Conturella Dance Company in manifestation “GRAND PRIX” at Dutch Forum di Milano.
Member of BALLETTO SALERNITANO with the show RAGGI DI LUCE. Choreographies by HERNAN PIQUIN and VINCENZO CAPEZZUTO and with the show  ALL’ IMPROVVISO Choreographies by MICHELE MEROLA.
Member od Artecawith the show VETRINA DI NATALE.

As a classical soloist she ranked:
1 place”Campionato Italiano Assoluto “2011
1 place”Team Cup”2011
2 place and best performance award at I choreographic competition”Danzafest”2009
2 place e special award “Coni”al XVI national competition “Maria Taglioni”2009
3 place  contenst “Danza nel Mediterraneo”2007
2 place  “Talenti in Palcoscenico”2005
3 place “Premio Danzaeuropa”2001 e 2003

Winner of Special Mention  “E.Avallone” award
In the duet, 1 place at competition “Danza nel Mediterraneo”2009
In the groups s ranked at the top of classic, neoclassic, contemporary, modern jazz categories.

As choreographer gets:
1 place at competition Talenti in Danza 2013. 1 place  under 15 cassic and neoclassic.  1 e 3  places solo classical students
At Absolute Italian Championship Italiano,  the second place in under 15 modern
At Team Cup 2011, the first place in under 11 modern
At competition: Danza del Mediterraneo 2010, 1 palce in  classical group/under 15

Macia Del Prete

He began his artistic training in Torre Annunziata ( NA) at the Dance Studio of E.Gravina studying classical ballet , modern \ contemporary and hip hop.

Young, focuses its attention to the choreography enriching their own baggage at the IALS in Rome , through experiences in the United States (Broadway Dance Center – Peridance Steps – New York) and Europe ( Pinapple , harmonique ) , and following numerous workshops with well-known exponents the world scene.

From 1999-2001 ballerina of the company is “slap 99 ” directed by P.Coppola .
In 2005, RAI 1 television broadcast dancer ” Absolutely … ” hosted by F.Frizzi .
2006 \ 2007 \ 2008 assistant and dancer with C.Felicioni which holds workshops in Italy and Europe.

In the same year , is part of the ” Legion of knowledge” with which will open the concert of CO’SANG and COR POISON.

Subsequently, he undertook the choreographic project “Beyond D / C”, a tool for experimental and choreographic research, with whom he gives vent to his creative drive and gets excellent results in a variety of competitions and prestigious national and international exhibitions (DANZASI ‘/ EXPRESSION, OPUS BALLET DANCE GRAND PRIX BARCELONA).

In 2009, as a choreographer guest, participates in the exhibition “simultaneously” in Rome and the platform of performative “Leccestate” and the inauguration of the DAF In 2012, she awarded as the best young emerging Italian choreographer.

Today, he teaches contemporary \ modern at IALS in Rome, is part of the teaching staff of the Regional Centre Lyceum Mara Fusco in Naples, Naples for the project D.NA dancing, and she is faculty member of the World Dance Movement in which she collaborates with Stefano De Martino. She holds workshops, internships and commissions jury, throughout Italy and abroad.

Danilo Grano

Danilo Wheat was born in Cosenza in 11/11/1979. He began his studies at the age of seven years at the Dance Studio of Mirella Castriota, where he graduated in Classical Dance in 1998. Component of the Skanderbeg company’s dance school.

Scholarship at the La Scala theater in Milan

Participate in various editions of the Festival Mediterraneo Dei Due Mari di Altomonte.
Various performances at local TV

Seasons concert opera Rigoletto at the Teatro Alfonso Rendano.
From 1998 to 2002, principal dancer of the Skanderbeg company.
September 1999 to participate in Bleachers scene with Mara Venier and Gigi Sabani
March 2001 obtained the  regional certificate of master choreographer with  final evaluation “excellent”
2002-2003 he joined the School of “Amici” coming up to the final phase of the program.
Summer 2003 tour with Gigi D’Alessio (someone like you) and participates in all the dates of the ‘TIM TOUR.’
2003-2004 is part of the cast of BUONA DOMENICA AND Maurizio Costanzo Show
From 2004 to 2006 theater tour with the musical “FOOTLOOSE”, musicals which for two years has won the golden ticket.
Summer 2006 submitted to the prize Michelangelo, presented by Hoara Borselli with tribute to Bob Fossie choreographed by André De La Roche
2007/2008 theater season with the musical ‘One step away from the Dream’ with Mauro Coruzzi in art ‘Platinette’, Maura Paparo and Paolo Calissano.
2009-2010 theater season with the musical ‘Cinderella’ with Roberta Lanfranchi and Antonio Cupo.
Participation as a dancer in an episode of the TV drama “Fool for Love 2″ broadcast on RAI 1
Theater season at the Teatro 10 (Rome) with the musical comedy “Canta Napoli”
2010/2011 theatrical tour with the musical “Add a place at the table” with Gianluca Guidi, Marisa Laurito. Choreographed and Directed by Gino Landi.
2011 “Ben Hur Live” first Show Arena for the first time in Rome.
2012 “W Zorro the musical” Stefano D’Orazio, music Roby Facchinetti, choreographed and directed by Fabrizio Angelini.


CLASSICAL DANCE: Domenico Belfiore;Wilma Battafarano; Maria Valeria Moldova; Micaela Attanasio; Andrei Mihai; Gaetano Petrosino;Ivan Tzanov, Olga Petuchova.
JAZZ: Clayd Barret, Stefano Forti,Fabrizio Mainini, Pino Alosa, Mauro Mosconi, Mauro Astolfi, Steve La Chance, Roberto Pallara, Jody Goodman, Glauco Gaia, Manolo Casalino, Roberto Salaorni, Stefano Vagnoli, Garrison.
TIP TAP: Tony Ventura, Cesare Vangeli,Hasel Mooze.
LATIN AMERICAN: Armanda and Claudio Di Stazio,Leonardo Angileri, Danilo Dozzi.
PRIMITIVE DANCE: Patrizia Salvatori
CONTEMPORARY: Vinicio Mainini
FLAMENGO: Marianna Contaldo, Laura Sechi.

Roberto Pietravalle

Pietravalle Roberto, nicknamed Roberto “LACE”, is a professional breakdance dancer and teacher at various dance schools in the areas of Salerno, Naples and Benevento.

He also participated in several music videos and national battle / contest (breakdance competitions). During his career, he was a member of various dance groups both hiphop and breakdance. Among the most important events in his career, we remember the opening show with Gigi D’Alessio and Anna Tatangelo for the brand FERGI, in 2007. Now we remember his participation in the flash mob REDBULL DINNER 2013 at the Naples train station.


Ready 2 Break (3 settembre 2005);
Farm Contest Competition ( 7 dicembre 2005);
Throwdown octagon tour (10 maggio 2006);
YO Festival (14 marzo 2007);
ISCHIA Body Ballet Dance (21 GIUGNO 2007);
Ostia hip hop dayz 07 (16-17-18 MARZO 2007);
The Cage underground b-boy (29 MARZO 2007);
Born to the floor (29 aprile 2007);
The Cage underground b-boy (29 SETTEMBRE 2007);
The Cage underground b-boy (24 NOVEMBRE 2007);
I’m the one (8-9 DICEMBRE 2007);
The Cage underground b-boy (19 GENNAIO 2008);
I’m the one (7-8 DICEMBRE 2008);
Mc hip hop contest jesolo (3-4-5-6 GENNAIO 2008);
Dj Premier (7 DICEMBRE 2010);
Street Fighter european tour (2010);
Yò URBAN DANCE FEST (18-19-20 MARZO 2011);
Red bridges battle (22 aprile 2012).