Russian Ballet

The purpose of the Russian Ballet, is the formation of the dancer, both amateur and professional, as well as the dissemination of the culture of dance among all social levels and age groups, with a view to exchange and compare with other European and international arts, supporting the quality and innovation, today’s primary demands for access to any hearing or business performance, quality essential for a proper physical path.

This aim is achieved by:

  • a professional dance training;
  • scholarships to deserving children;
  • the preparation of essays and performances in prestigious theaters;
  • the organization of stages and workshops with internationally renowned masters;
  • participation in festivals and competitions;
  • adherence to projects involving the performing arts, in order to convey to the public cultural and umanitaria events.

The Russian Ballet is a professional reality, which streamlines all activities giving greater attention to individual requests, but did not remove or deprive yourself of that ‘human breath and sensitive, which characterized itself and the relationship with the students and their families, favoring promptly to every single need.

The Russian Ballet is one of the most important artistic, cultural and educational realities, a place of exchange and discussion to generate new forces and create new ideas.