Rosanna Sicignano

Rosanna Sicignano (Teacher Vaganova technique) was born at Pompeii in 1971, she began studying classical ballet at Scafati from 1982 for about two years she attended the School of Alba Buonanti. Subsequently, following the directions of his teacher Rossella Giordano (Solo to ‘work Chemenitz in Germany) she moved, we are in 1984, at the Harmony School of Naples, directed by Maestro Arnaldo Angelini (master enabled to’ National Academy of Dance Rome). During this period, 1984 to 1988, she studied with several internationally renowned teachers such as M. Trajanova, Z. Prebil, L. Thus, G. De Bock, G. Galante, V. Litinov, J. Milochou, C. Mucci, R. Greek, alternating her studies at the school Harmony with internships, exhibitions and competitions as well as numerous training courses, also taking several classes in contemporary dance.

Rosanna Sicignano began teaching in 1990. Meantime she obtained a diploma of professional and pedagogical qualification,  she specialized in Brussels at Ballettomania.

Since 1997, he continues to teach in various shows and exhibitions: Volere Ballare (Roma); Ventennale dell’AID (Roma); Primavera in Danza (Battipaglia); Danzaesc (Caserta);Orizzonte per la Danza (Vallo della Lucania); Danzando insieme (Caivano); Dire Danza (Salerno); Jazzin…(Salerno);Primavera di Danza (Roma);Caserta Danza (Caserta);MaschereBallerine (Napoli); Natale in Palcoscenico (Mercato San Severino);Danza e Dintorni (C/Mare di Stabia);Percorsi di Danza(Caivano); Galà di danza solidarietà in punta di Piedi(Aversa);dance for Life 2 (Caivano);Danceinmotioninternational 2009 (Ischia); Crea Danza (Mercato San Severino);accademia Musicale Cuore (Torre del Greco);Nocera Sotto le Stelle (Nocera Inferiore).

From the year 2000 to 2003, Rosanna Sicignano attends seminars to update the academic technique at the National Academy of Dance in Rome: propedeutica, ballet technique  Methodology, Fisiotecnica, Technique Music Application. 

Since 2002, she prepares students for auditions at the international level, for exemple the “PERFORMING IN NEW YORK” with Ajkun Ballet Theatre where she won a scholarship of $ 4,800. In 2004, six students get their first employment contract with the “BALLETTO SALERNITANO” ballet company (artistic directors: Hernàn Piquin and Vincenzo Capezzuto). One of her students (unique in Europe), after the video selection with the American Ballet Theatre (the most important institution in the world), was selected for two consecutive years for the Summer Intensive. At the same time she was offered a contract of employment for the ‘ABT (youth ballet company).

Many students become part of dance companies and institutions of prestige.

2002 Choreographies for the Campania Miss Italy Selections.
2005 International Award Lions Club Salerno “Principessa Sichelgaita”

2007 choreographies for the show “Percorsi di Seta” on RAI SAT.

2007 Ballet Special Award for Pier delle Vigne Menzione speciale per la danza.

2008 Art direction of the first Edition of ”SCAFATI DANZA FESTIVAL”.
2009 Art direction of “Io Volo Con Te” (Gaeta).

2011 Rosanna Sicignano founded the dance company Virory Ballet
2012 Russian Ballet entering into an agreement with the Coreutico Alfano I Lyceum, in partnership with the National Academy of Dance in Rome.

2013  Project Pon al Coreutico Alfano I Lyceum in Salerno

2013  Ballet Instructor approved by Coni

2014 guest choreographer at Mauro Astolfi Danceout 2014