Free Theatre

T”All the arts contribute to the greatest of all: to live.””.

Berthold Brecht

The Free Theatre is a small space that the public likes to define casual and friendly. Free Theatre is inserted in the lively context of the Russian Ballet and is open to art and young people.
Studies 1 and 3 turn into a real performance space, taking the name of Free Theatre. It is a functional place with 90 seats and furnished with tables and chairs that evoke the atmosphere of the cabaret and the taste of the century.

Scheduling Free Theatre has always focused on innovation of languages, offers musical and dance performances, , theater, cabaret, performances by street artists (performance carried out in any public place where the only form of compensation for the artist is the free offer of the audience). The Free Theatre can be used in Convention, associations and companies, to carry out creative activity, choreographic dance and theater workshops, show room, auditions and tests.